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Age isn’t the only factor

There are 70+ factors that could impact your ability to get pregnant. Imagine a future where you can learn about your fertility before you start trying.

At Rita Health, our mission is to forge this change. We’re creating a comprehensive picture of your reproductive health, assessing everything from your sex life to genetics.




I wish someone had told me more about my fertility - that it was something natural and what things to consider about your bodily changes. I only knew to be afraid in silence.

Kristin, 32 • Houston

I would appreciate someone bringing fertility topics ahead of time to me. GPs don’t do that. ObGyns don’t want to engage deeply before we are trying to get pregnant.

Lauren, 33 • Charlotte

There is so much information about getting pregnant, or having challenges with getting pregnant. I don’t know what is reliable and correct.

BECCA, 37 • Santa Barbara

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