Steps To Be Proactive About Your Fertility

by Rita Health team

Fertility is a complex topic, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all of the information you should consider before trying to conceive. Many factors influence fertility, from lifestyle changes to sexual and menstrual health to family history and more. Living in an age where abundant information competes for our attention, having accessible guidelines can benefit us more than we realize. 

Whether you’re ready to grow your family now, would like to have children down the road, or are not yet sure about what your future entails, Rita Health offers a product to support your preparation for trying to conceive. Backed by our medical board and early user research,  we created a guide for you to be proactive about your family planning today.

Be Curious

Your family planning journey typically begins with having many questions. Moving from the unknown into the known enables you to discover yourself and embody your empowerment.  

Getting curious about your fertility can look like taking a deeper dive into your lifestyle habits and pinpointing areas for you to highlight or improve.

  • Physical activity: If you are not presently satisfied with your current level of physical activity, the best recommendation would be to sign up for exercise groups at your convenience or if you still don’t feel confident to return to in-person social life, well… just click play on a recorded workout from home and have fun!

  • Family history: we know that sometimes it can be hard to have a seamless conversation with our parents and relatives, so don’t be worried if you never discussed certain health conditions that run in your family. Perhaps, with the right words and approach, you might consider taking a moment over a meal or having a phone call with your family to find out your genetic history. While this is a good place to start, it is not a comprehensive approach and does not encompass the potential recessive traits that you and your partner may carry. 

  • Stress-level: Are you feeling high-strung and stressed? It’s never too early to begin finding new ways to manage and reduce stress that can significantly impact your fertility.

At Rita Health, we feel your knowledge about your fertility potential is paramount to your confidence moving forward with your fertility journey how you see fit.. This information will both empower your decision making process and help inform your choices you make to move towards your health.

Own Your Sexual and Menstrual Health 

Rita Health helps women reclaim their fertility through education. Our system is based on the latest science and blends AI and human experts to provide comprehensive information every woman needs for her fertility journey. 

Rita Health provides the most innovative and advanced approach to monitoring, improving, and preserving fertility naturally by using cutting-edge technology. As a next-generation fertility company, we are developing a new solution to empower women to do proactive monitoring of their health.

To begin:

Make Sex Regular and Fun

Sex doesn't have to feel like a chore! With great tips, you and your partner can have intimate fun more regularly and may even make your family planning dreams come true.

Track When You Ovulate

If you have recently discontinued hormonal birth control, it can be difficult to know what your typical cycle is. However, here are a few reminders for those with regular and irregular cycles: 

  • A regular 25-day cycle has ovulation occurring on day 11. 

  • A regular 28-day cycle has ovulation occurring on day 14. 

  • A regular 35-day cycle has ovulation occurring on day 21. 

If you have an irregular cycle, consider tracking your fertile window to predict when ovulation will occur, using a fertility tracker, urine hormone test sticks, or basal body thermometer.

Become a Part of Community

Rita Health provides women with the most accurate assessment of their fertility potential. We value the importance of connecting with other women who share in this journey of empowerment through fertility health awareness to learn about options and choices.

Applying these simple steps can improve your ability to conceive when combined with the primary advice of Fertility Experts who understand your unique profile.

Proactivity Starts with You. Join Our Community.

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Be Encouraged

By being proactive before starting the conception journey, you can confidently identify the direction of your fertility journey and any changes you feel need to be made in advance. Though every woman’s fertility journey is different, with our proactive fertility assessment we can help.