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What does Rita do?
Rita is a health company that provides a digital fertility self-assessment tool for women and people born with ovaries. Rita helps individuals understand their fertility health and the factors that impact it in order to be proactive and empowered in the reproductive experience.
Is Rita going to replace my doctor?
Nope! Rita Health does not provide you with medical advice or diagnose you with any disease or condition. Any information provided is not intended to replace your doctor. We give you general knowledge and guidance to discuss at a medical visit.
Who is Rita for?
Individuals born with ovaries who are considering having children in the future, are already trying, or are simply curious about understanding fertility health. We value every fertility journey, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, and nationality. Keep in mind, you must be 21 years of age or older and reside in the USA to use our product.
What does the product do?
The journey through Rita’s platform includes:
  • Digital self-assessment that takes 10 minute and covers eight areas of health
  • Analysis of 102 fertility factors beyond hormones and age
  • Detailed report of fertility health and the factors you can maintain or improve
  • Personalized next steps in non-medical language
  • Recommended actions by our clinical experts
  • AI Powered fertility discoveries
  • Exclusive content built for you
Why is Rita different from other brands?

Rita is proactive and holistic. We help anyone who might want kids someday understand their fertility ahead of time, beyond hormones and age. We approach reproductive health proactively and we provide a comprehensive analysis of factors that can impact fertility —some of them are within your control to maintain or improve.

Thanks to a better comprehension of their fertility, women can understand their options for getting pregnant, possible challenges, and - if needed - the path of preparing for egg freezing or IVF.

Can I use Rita for free?
Currently, yes. Rita provides a detailed and personalized report, designed thanks to the knowledge of leading medical experts and data scientists. Your personalized fertility report covers eight areas of health, providing a comprehensive look at your reproductive health. We will notify you and the rest of the Rita community as we make plans to add paid services and features to our offer.
What does my assessment report mean?
Our self-assessment evaluates 102 factors from period health to family history and mental wellbeing. After answering the questionnaire, you’ll be able to see in your profile the factors that look good (in dark purple/blue) and any factors that might need your attention (in orange). There are about 20 factors (genetics for example) that you won’t have the power to influence. We’ll highlight for you; the factors that are within your control to influence and the things you can discuss with your healthcare professional at your next appointment.
How are the factors evaluated?
Initially, each factor is evaluated based on its independant impact on fertility health. Each factor’s impact is then put in the perspective of where you’re at on your fertility journey and finally how they are interrelated to other aspects of health. The level of impact is calculated based on the latest medical and scientific fertility knowledge and validated by our landmark fertility study. With a large and growing data set and the implementation of AI, we remove biases not seen by the human eye.
What can I do to improve my fertility?
Natural, age-related fertility is real and can’t be remedied by modern medicine yet. However, around 82 out of the 102 factors that impact your fertility are within your control to maintain or improve. Take our self-assessment, answer the questions and discover what’s currently impacting your reproductive health.
What’s the role of AI?
Our experts’ research analysis is supported by an AI team. Artificial intelligence will let us discover patterns that are not always evident to a human looking at data. AI removes the bias that can occur when reviewing data and helps pin-point what may be critical, even if it’s not immediately obvious. AI also allows the experience of thousands or millions of people (healthy and unhealthy) to be examined in a rapid way.
How much does Rita’s assessment cost?
It costs $49.99 to get your personalized fertility report.
Can I have a discount for the assessment?
Discounts for Rita assessments are shared occasionally on social media, conferences, and special events. Watch out for them and you will enjoy Rita promo code.

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