Rita Health is here to help you take charge of your reproductive health.

Our Mission
For generations, conversations about fertility have been centered on a single question: “Are you trying?”.

From our own experiences, and those of people around us, we realized that women are being kept away from their own fertility health until they're actively trying to get pregnant. That’s simply not good enough, and it made us wonder: Why can’t we talk about fertility earlier?

We founded Rita Health to give women answers. So we can make informed decisions about having kids, and our own lives. So we can encourage healthier conversations about fertility and pregnancy. So we can spark curiosity for the next generation of parents.

What are we doing?
At Rita Health, we're building the world’s first digital fertility health assessment, for you, your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and anyone who wants to get a better understanding of their reproductive health. 

Why Rita?
Great question. Rita has two meanings. It stands for the “Right Information To Acknowledge”, which is what we want to give women on their fertility journey. The name Rita means “child of light” in Persian, which chimes with what we want to do — shine a light on reproductive health.

We are an experienced team of doctors, scientists, product creators, engineers, and AI experts with one common goal: to give women unbiased, accurate information about their fertility.

Medical and Scientific Board

Lusine Aghajanova M.D. Ph.D.

Medical Advisor

Lizellen La Follette M.D.

Medical Advisor

Dorothee B. Bartels Ph.D. M.Sc.

Scientific Advisor

Denny Sakkas Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

Core Team

Kamila Staryga

CO-Founder & CEO

Alessia Morichi

Co-Founder & Head of

Thea Carew

Head of community

Allison Canton

Regulatory Advisor

Evelyn Gosnell

Behavioral Science Advisor

Jarek Oleszczuk M.D.

Business Advisor

Meredith Hattam

Brand and Design CONSULTANT

Jarek Medwid