Rita Health study preview

This study was conducted across the U.S., with 1,003 participants identified as female, transgender, and genderqueer. The study was a cross-discipline survey designed to evaluate the impact of various factors on fertility. After the clinical review, the results will be analyzed through established as well as advanced analytical methods (machine learning). Here’s a sneak peek of our preliminary discoveries.

It’s easier to get pregnant when your cycle length is consistent

Participants who were able to conceive naturally had:

Calculate your cycle length:

Count the number of days from the first day of your period until the last day before your next period starts.

Untreated Sexually Transmitted Infections can damage reproductive organs or cause infertility, so it’s just as much as important routine dental care. Best practice is to test every 1-2 years.

Methods include: using period apps, tracking cervical mucus, and observing changes in sex drive.

A miscarriage rarely occurs from a problem carrying a pregnancy. It’s just the body’s way of regulating itself if a fetus isn’t developing quite right.

However, time spent trying varies widely: 15% get naturally pregnant after 12+ months of trying.

Both low and high BMI can be challenging for conception

Participants with a BMI <19, a habit of intense workouts, or a history of severe dieting were almost just as challenged as women with a BMI >30.

Calculate your own:

BMI = your weight (lbs) divided by your height (in) x 703

There are a lot of factors associated with low libido

Here’s what participants reported:

Both low and high BMI can be challenging for conception

Participants who were able to conceive naturally reported practicing these healthy habits...

  • Drank 128 oz water per day
  • Woke up more rested
  • Took good care of their mental health
  • Exercised moderately


lifestyle habits

Participants who had trouble conceiving naturally reported practicing some of these unhealthy habits...

  • Unhealthy or severe diet
  • Currently a smoker
  • Work burnout
  • Depression