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Rita Health Study - Recruitment Completed!

by Kamila Staryga

Today, April 27 2022, marks the completion of the survey phase of Rita Health landmark study. We’re grateful for all of you who have decided to spend 10 minutes of your time to help build a new future for fertility.

Female bodies have been censored by social media. Our reproductive system has been banned from school books and knowledge has been restricted, resorting to whispers in the school bathrooms. 

In the last decades, the world has embraced 35 as the ‘cut off’ before fertility plummets. The ovarian aging is real, it is established and cannot be corrected at least with modern medicine. However, there are multiple contributing factors besides genetics (which we cannot control) that can be improved. 

This is why we launched our study, to identify what you can still do to better your chances. Bolstered by information, a woman is empowered to make choices for her body, and fertility.

The study uniqueness

Doctors and experts on our medical board have applied the latest clinical research to identify 70+ factors that can potentially impact fertility - everything from your period to your sleep cycle, your mom’s menopoause, to your sex life. 

In the past, women asked their closest group of friends about their reproductive health and maybe their doctor (if they had a doctor willing to help them proactively). 

Our first-of-its-kind study and results open the world to good and new population data.

‘’ The power of this data shows us how much we can learn, not just about the whole group, but also about the individual. ”

Denny Sakkas, PhD and Principal Investigator.

Now it will be like having thousands of friends to get their cumulative response to YOUR question or problem.

AI-powered approach

We are supporting our experts’ work analysis with an artificial intelligence  team. AI will help us establish patterns that sometimes are not evident to the human eye. Many of us have our own biases when examining data, however AI removes these biases and can uncover critical data points and patterns that may not be obvious. AI is agnostic to inherent biases. AI also allows the experience of thousands or millions of people to be examined in a rapid way. 

You are not a ‘patient’ for us

We’re not testing or treating infertility. 
Our goal is to raise awareness among women about reproductive wellbeing, help self-assess their own situation wholly by answering questions that will make women think about not only their medical health, but also their lifestyle, diet, relationship etc, all of which can be a contributor.

We want to provide a unique, complete self-assessment tool to guide women in their decision and help them plan from a place of  knowledge instead of with fear.

What’s next?

PARTICIPANTS - If you are among the thousands participants of our study you will:

  • Get notified when we have AI-powered findings

  • Be invited to exclusive product research

  • Become beta-tester of the product before summer

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